Installing Kismet on Backtrack 4 Pre Release

Backtrack 4 has all the bells and whilstles we love and have come to expect from Backtrack in the past. That said however, as Bakctrack is currenly in a "Pre Realease" version, there are a couple of teething issues with various bits and pieces. One such issue is with Kismet Newcore.

Kismet is our friendly little wireless stumbler that we all love. In Backtrack 4 pre release you may have noticed it is either missing functionality, or just plain doesn't work!

Here is a quick guide for you to download an alternate version of Kismet Newcore and install it on Backtrack 4:

1. Make sure your network adapter is on
# dhclient eth0

2. Change your director to /usr/src to download the Kismet Newcore source code
# cd /usr/src

3. Download the Kismet source using the built-in subversioning software
# svn co kismet

4. Open the newly created kismet directory
# cd kismet

5. Confrigure and make the source code
# ./configure --prefix=/opt && make && make install

6. Now change your directory to where you want kismet to store its logging files
# cd somewhere/useful/for/your/logging/files

7. Run kismet
# /opt/bin/kismet

There you have it! A fresh version of Kismet Newcore installed.

When you run kismet, it will ask you to add a new capture source. You will (typically) add wlan0. This will change however, depending on your hardware.


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