Oracle Listener Information Disclosure

The other day I noticed a strange response I hadn't seen before when running a VERSION command against an Listener:

It seemed as though the Listener was leaking memory.

I was able to reproduce this issue across other nodes in the RACs I had access to. Instead of the standard 348 byte TNS VERSION response

I was getting a 2011 byte TNS response:

I was also able to reproduce the result by running the VERSION command locally using the lsnrctl utility.

With a bit of digging it seems as though Listeners with CPU April 2012 (patchset 13621679) are vulnerable to a memory leak issue. Most likely due to a buffer not being terminated/copied correctly.

This flaw could potentially come in handy during a pentest when trying to enumerate SIDs/Service names:

I was unable to reproduce this flaw on Listeners patched with CPU July 2012 (patchset  13923474) -- meaning Oracle are most likely wise to the issue...

Note: I was able to notice this issue as I was using Metasploit's tnscmd module. Unlike the tnsversion module, tnscmd outputs the full TNS conversation and not just the 348 bytes of the version string.

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